The World of Melina Marchetta


Recently I have been delving into the literary world of Australian author Melina Marchetta. Marchetta writes YA books that are gritty and real and I love the worlds she creates. Earlier this year I read On the Jellicoe Road, which I loved. You can read my review here.  During the past month I have read The Piper’s Son, and the Lumatere Chronicles trilogy comprising Finnikin of the Rock, Froi of the Exiles, and Quintana of Charyn.

The Piper’s Son was published in 2010, and is a sequel of sorts to Saving Francesca. Many of the characters are the revisited, but The Piper’s Son is mainly the story of Tom Mackee and the Mackee and Finch families. Many of the characters in The Piper’s Son are flawed. They have witnessed great tragedies in their lives and often find in nearly impossible to communicate with each other, but somehow they are still likeable and you find yourself hoping that things will turn out well for them.  Marchetta creates real characters with real lives and real problems, but still manages to do so with a light and often humorous touch.

I resisted reading the Lumatere Chronicles for a while because it is fantasy and I don’t see myself as a fantasy reader. I’m so glad I changed my mind and read them though. The world Marchetta has created in this trilogy is amazing. It’s like reading a medieval novel although within a fantasy setting. These books are full of adventure, battles, tormented characters, castles, underground caves, and romance. The action takes place in the fantastical world of Skuldenore, which is made up of many different regions. These regions are governed separately, with a fair bit of animosity between them. In the case of the region of Charyn, this is also divided into provinces. The result is a complex and tempestuous story. There are betrayals, ancient curses, and divided loyalties. I highly recommend it as a series worth exploring.

All books 9/10


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