Gone Girl

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Gone Girl is a psychological thriller about the dissolution of a marriage. It is the third novel from Chicago-based novelist Gillian Flynn. Nick and Amy Dunne have been married for five years but have recently grown apart. They had been living in New York until Nick’s Mother was diagnosed with Cancer. They then relocated to Nick’s hometown of Missouri, along the Mississippi River, to care for her. Nick is a journalist, and Amy writes quizzes for a popular magazine, although both have recently lost their jobs. In Missouri, Nick buys a bar with his twin sister Margo. The purchase is funded by Amy, who has a trust fund that was set up by her parents from the proceeds of their successful novels in the Amazing Amy series.

On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy mysteriously disappears from their home. The police are convinced that Nick has killed Amy, but after piecing together a treasure hunt Amy left as an anniversary present, Nick realises that Amy has not only faked her own death, but also framed Nick for her murder.

The novel is written in a dual narrative with the reader getting Nick’s perspective at the current time, and Amy’s story in flashback style which we later discover is a fake diary she has written. Because of the psychological nature of the story, the reader is compelled to keep reading, but because the characters are so unlikeable, I found myself not caring much whether Amy was alive or dead. Gone Girl was my choice for our December book club after I read many glowing reports on twitter. However, I was expecting more of a scary thriller and I didn’t find this book scary in the traditional sense, so I was a bit disappointed on that level. Those of us in book club who finished the book all agreed that Amy was a serious nutcase and the lengths she went to in order to set Nick up were astounding.

My score 7.5/10

Book club score 7/10


2 thoughts on “Gone Girl

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