Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Just Breathe is a gorgeous, clever, romantic comedy by writer, Janette Paul (aka Jaye Ford).Dee Nichols is a 31 year-old yoga teacher whose life was shattered when she was involved in a car accident ten years ago. After the accident, her fiancée left her as he couldn’t cope with her severe injuries which included a broken back, broken ribs – not to mention a broken heart. With her life in a million pieces, Dee finds yoga is the only thing that helps – both with the pain and the panic attacks. Because of the accident, she finds it impossible to believe in a future more than two weeks away, preferring to subscribe to the yogic mantra of living in the moment. She finds she is good at it and decides to teach so she can help others in need.

Then along comes Ethan Roxburgh.  Gorgeous, tall, and a very successful millionaire businessman, Ethan is the head of Roxburgh Holdings. Dee meets him when Ethan’s sister Lucy, one of Dee’s yoga students, introduces them, and Dee is enlisted to be the face of the new Health Life Insurance TV ad campaign. Ethan, of course, sits on the board of Health Life Insurance, and offers to be a business mentor to Dee.

Dee very quickly develops a huge crush on Ethan, but believes he will never feel the same way. Ethan is well known for always having a string of “Roxburgh Girls” on his arm, but unbeknownst to Dee, he may just be looking for something more real! Gradually, Ethan begins to invite Dee to his business meetings – to help her with business contacts. One of these meetings reminded me so much of Pretty Woman (albeit without the prostitution!). Roxburgh Holdings is about to buy a small manufacturing business and at the last minute the deal looks set to fail. Just like Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman, Dee saves the situation by talking to the owners about their business and referring to it as their ‘family’, making the business deal seem much more human.

Dee’s character also provides a comical element to the story. She often comes across as being quite ditzy and is often having little ‘accidents’. There are various incidents involving her car, a few involving shoes, and one hilarious moment which sees Dee wrestling a tray of mini citrus tarts.

I loved the characters of Dee and Ethan and I think, for me, the novel is summed up at the end when Ethan says to Dee:

“By the way, your packaging is far superior to any Roxburgh Girl’s. Theirs is all shiny paper and pretty bows but it tears when you unwrap it….But you’re wrapped in something organic and exotic, like hand-painted raw silk. It’s beautiful, strong, durable, incredibly sexy to touch.” Dee replies, “And what’s inside?”

Ethan answers, “Something unique, something you can’t buy, something I’ve been looking for all my life…It’s you, Dee. You’re what’s inside.”

Like Dee, that had me melting right down to my sandals!

I loved this book, and hope that Janette continues her for a into romance writing.


Just Breathe is the third book I have read as part of the Random Romance digital launch, and the fourth novel read for the AWW2013 challenge.