One Little White Lie

One Little White Lie

One Little White Lie

Author: Loretta Hill

Publisher: Random Romance

144 pp e-book

Copy courtesy of Random House via netgalley

One Little White Lie is a comic novella about white lies and how they can lead to much bigger things. Kate Dreson is young, gorgeous and single – thanks to her cheating ex-boyfriend, Mark. They were together for three years, but now Kate would much rather stay at home than risk being set-up by her best friend, Lisa. Although she means well, Lisa is a compulsive match-maker and, after being chatted-up by a drunk guy at a pub, Kate has decided that enough is enough. She vows to put an end to the match-making by inventing a boyfriend – her dream man.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Kate, this dream man has been enlisted by Lisa to pretend to be Kate’s boyfriend. Henry is rich, handsome, and a very successful writer who just wants to find a girl who appreciates him for who he is, rather than one who is only after his money.

Here begins a comedy of errors of sorts, filled with a lot of meddling from Lisa and Henry’s brother Tom. This is where the story got a bit frustrating for me as I didn’t like the characters of Tom and Lisa much and I really just wanted them to leave Kate and Henry to get on with things themselves. I appreciate, of course, that this would not have happened if it weren’t for the interferences, and that they drive the story and provide complications, but for Tom to go as far as having Kate investigated I think took things a bit too far. I felt sorry for Kate not being able to go anywhere without being potentially set-up by Lisa.

To further complicate matters, Henry is actually the elusive fantasy writer H.L.Carter.  Wanting to see if Kate likes him for himself rather than his money, Henry doesn’t tell her, even when she confides to him that H.L.Carter is her absolute favourite author of all time. Needless to say when Kate discovers the truth she is not very happy that Henry had kept this from her.

I liked the fact that, having both been burnt in previous relationships, Kate and Henry were as nervous and unsure as each other at the beginning of their relationship. Ultimately I believed in the connection between them.

One Little White Lie is a cute, bubbly read. With the setting of Sydney sparkling throughout the novel, this would be the perfect summer beach read.


This is the second novel I have read for the Random Romance digital-first imprint, and the third novel read for the AWW 2013 challenge.